Africans Are the Most Educated Immigrant Group In the United States

African immigrants are the most educated group in America. In 2009, 41.7% of African adults 25 and older had a bachelors degree, compared to 28.1% of native-born adults and 26.8% for foreign born. 25% of Africans had bachelors degrees compared to 17.9% for native born and 15.8% for immigrants. 16.7% have degrees higher than a bachelors, compared to 10.2% for native born, and 11.0% for immigrants.

In terms of high school diploma, African immigrants tended to have lower rates of high school non-attainment of diplomas: 11.7% for Africans, 11.4% for native born, 32.3% immigrant.

Education attainment varies among Africans. The following illustrates this, with the percentage of bachelors per country immigrant.

Country Percentage 
Uganda 66.5 
Egypt 61.1 
Algeria 61.0 
Nigeria 60.0 
Zimbabwe 57.5 
South Africa 55.3 
Cameroon 54.6 
Tanzania 51.2 

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