Afropedea --

The internet is laden with false information, notions on Africa and the African Diaspora. This project is an attempt to garner the collaborative powers of the internet. It seeks articles and information from the descendants of the African diaspora (Afro-Latinos, Afro-Caribbeans, African-Americans, Afro-Asians, Afro-Europeans, and others) and Africans. It tries to create a central knowledge-base on Africa and African diasporic black peoples and afro-descendants.

Authors can write any article, on any subject about Africa and African diaspora. All that is required is to have a neutral point of view and strong references, stick to the facts, preferably academic, but not rigidly, verifiable and factual being the ultimate criteria. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide the most accurate information on Africa and descendants of Africans in the most dignified manner.

Afropedea seeks to be a living breathing knowledge-base on all topics and subject-matters dealing with the afro-descendant. Its purpose is to be an entity of practicality, entertainment, enlightenment, empowerment, provide context for the afro-descendant in the global scheme, and spread awareness and exposure to all afro-descendant community and culture. tries to spread knowledge that is part academic and encyclopedic, part Do It Yourself(DIY) technology, part periodical magazine, a  knowledge-base of life and living. disseminates practical information. How one uses the information is at ones own risk. Afropedea assumes no liability.

Donate an article

After finishing an article, email to be included in the Afropedea collaboration. You can request it removed from collaboration by emailing We encourage students of African Diasporic studies to contribute especially those who have licensed articles under GNU. With slight modification, one can be accommodated. One does not need to license under Afropedea's CC-BY-SA