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To create an article in Google Site, one needs to first get a Google Account. After creating an account, go to application Site. Select Create New Site. Select Web Page, the default. For consistency with other articles this will be the preferred format. Type the Name of the article and select Create Site.

Because of limited functionality with footnotes on Google Site, MLA style of documentation is recommended. Backup your article. Remember,  you are in control of your article not Afropedea.

After finishing the article, email, requesting to be included in the Afropedea collaboration You can request it removed from collaboration by emailing

Basic HTML

One does not need to know HTML to work with Google Sites. Knowing basic HTML will give one added flexibility in controlling the layout of ones page, margin, height, width, and padding and other editing features.

Basic HTML and CSS Tutorial


Generating a Table of Content

1. First determine the highest section and sub-section
2. Select Edit Page. First highlight section title or sub-section title. Select Format from the menu. Select H2 for the highest section or  H3 for the next sub-section or H4 for the next sub-section.
3. When completed, place cursor in the area where table is to be place.
4. Select Insert from the menu. Then Table of content

Adding Images

Select Edit Page. Select Insert. Select Image. Select Web Address(Url), if its on the Web. Type Web Address or Upload Image by selecting Browse to locate file

Placing a Caption Under Image

1. Select Edit Page.
2. Select HTML
3. Locate <img src> tag.
4. Place a <div> tag around the image. <div> at the beginning and </div> at the end.

img src="URL" alt="alternate text" width="width" height="height">< /div>

5. Add the style attribute (style="width:image width px; font-size:80%; text-align:center;") to the first div tag:

<div style="width:image width px; font-size:80%; text-align:center;">
<img src="URL" alt="alternate text" width="width" height="height" /></div>

6. Add the caption text before the </div> tag

This is my caption</div>

Placing a Border Around an Image 

1.To place a border around an image, locate  <div style=" "></div>
2. type <div style="border: width of border px">

ex <div style="border:2px;"/>

Accessing different alphabet symbols or non-English characters

To access different characters for other languages, one can just hit the ALT key and type in the number code on the on the number pad.  Make sure the num lock is on.

For example to access the symbol à, hold the ALT button and type 133 on the number pad.
For example to access the symbol è, hold the ALT button and type 138 on the number pad.

A list of ALT codes can be found at