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Republic of Botswana
Capital: Gabarone Nationality: Motswana(s)/Batswana(p) Population: 1,990,876 mil.
Currency: pulas (BWP) Off. Lang: English Area: 581,730 sq km
Internet DM: bw GDP: $30.09 bil Life Exp: 55.74
Literacy: 81.2 Location: 22 00 S, 24 00 E Calling Code: 267

Botswana(bʊˈtʃwɑːnə, bʊtˈswɑːnə) is a southern African country that is bordered by Namibia to the west, South Africa to the south, Zambia to the East, and Angola and Zimbabwe to the North, located 22 00 S, 24 00 E. The total area is 581,730 sq km. The country has
been the most stable country in all of Africa since independence. The capital is Gaborone.

Population 1,990,876
 581,730 sq km
Literacy(M/F)  80.4%/ 81.8%
GDP/capital  $12,800
Trans(CPI)  5.6
Life Expect.
HDI  .694
EODB/SAB  45/83
PFI(rank/mark)  62/15.50
Botswana has a population of 1.9 million people, with 79% Tswana (or Setswana), 11% Kalanga , 3% Basarwa, other (Kgalagadi and white 7%). The country is 71.6% Christian, 6% Badimo, 1.4% other, 0.4% unspecified, and 20.6% none. Botswana has an 81.2% literacy rate.


Botswana Stock Exchange

The Botswana Stock Exchange is the stock exchange of Botswana that deals in equities and bonds. It is the third largest stock exchange in Southern Africa. It was established in 1989. The companies listed are representive of all companies in all industrial sectors of Botswana--financial, retail, tourism, and IT. The BSE has generated an aggregated return of 24% in the last ten years. Botswana remains one of the most stable countries in Africa.

Public Companies
African Banking Corporation Holdings Limited
Barclays Bank of Botswana Limited 
Botswana Insurance Holding Limited 
Chobe Holdings Limited 
Choppies Enterprises Limited 
Cresta Marakanelo Limited 
Engen Botswana Limited 
First National Bank Botswana Limited 
FSG Limited 
Furnmart Limited formely "Furniture Mart Limited" 
G4S Botswana Limited 
Letlole La Rona Limited
Letshego Holdings Limited 
Botswana Limited 
New African Properties Limited
Olympia Capital Corporation Limited 
PrimeTime Property Holdings Limited
RDC Properties Limited
Sechaba Brewery Holdings Limited
Sefalana Holding Company Limited 
Standard Chartered Botswana Limited 
Turnstar Holdings Limited 
Wilderness Holdings Limited 

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