Akwamu Kingdom Empire

Akwamu Kingdom was a powerful pre-Asante Empire, Akan kingdom that took shape in present day Akim Abuakwa on both sides of the Birmi River. The kingdom was originally centered in Twifu Heman, north-west of Cape Coast. Akwamu was ruled by the akwamuhene.
Akwamu Empire

Around 1650, Akwamu embarked on expansion, to gain access to European guns and other goods. In 1677, under the leadership of Ansa Sasraku the Ga and Fante coast came under Akwamu control. Akwamu continued to enlarge her army by acquiring firearms from European traders- Dutch, English. Akwamu kept expanding eastward. In 1702, the empire crossed the Volta controlling a few Dahomey coastal states, like Ouida. In 1710, they brought the Ewe Popo region under their control. At this time, the region of present day Ghana was dominated by two powers: Denkyira in the south-west and Akwamu in the south-east. To consolidate power, both empires sought allies. Akwamu allied with the smaller Asante Kingdom. Denkyira was allied with Akim. Akim always view Akwamu as a serious threat. In 1730, Akim was able to be victorious against Akwamu, claiming some Akwamu territory. Akim had the then Akwamuhene on the run. The Akwamuhene fled to the Volta, establishing a new Kingdom of Akim Abuakwa. Akwamu's defeat saw the rise of the Asante Kingdom, who defeated Denkyira and later gained previous Akwamu territory--Aburi, Bunu, Ga and Fante coast, and Dahomey coastal states. By 1710, the Asante Empire had eclipse Akwamu and Denkyira.

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