People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
Capital: Algiers Nationality: Algerian Population: 34,994,937
Currency: Algerian dinar (DZD) Off. Lang: Arabic Area: 2,381,741 sq km
Internet DM: dz GDP: $251.1 bil. Life Exp: 74.5 yr.
Literacy: 68% Location: 28 00 N, 3 00 Calling Code: 213

Algeria is a north African country bordered by the Mediterranean to the north, Mauritania, Mali, Niger to the
south, Morocco, Western Sahara to her west, and Tunisia, Libya to her east, with a location of 28 00 N, 3 00 E. The total area is 2,381,741 sq km. The capital is Algiers. Arabic is the official language.


The population of Algeria is 34,586,184, with an average life-expectancy of 74.26 years. Ethnics are 99% Arab-Berber, with Europeans less than 1%. The country is 99% Sunni Muslim and 1% Christian and Jewish. The literacy rate is 79.6% male and
60.1% female.


The French invaded Algeria in 1830. This prompted immediate resistance among the divided clans. Abd al-Qadir, a holy man unified the various clans in resistance to French invasion. The war of resistance was one of the longest and portracted wars of resistance in Africa. Algerians imported guns from Europe, but also manufactured their own. It was not until 1847, Abd al-Qadir was captured and exiled. The resistance movement continued without him. In 1879, the French was able to conquer Algeria.

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