Alodia , Alwa , Aloa

Alodia , Alwa , Aloa (c.AD 570 - c.1480) was a Christian Nubian kingdom that was formed around 570 A,D., from the fifth cataract to the foot of the Ethiopian Highland or most of central Sudan. Soba(Subah) was the capital. The kingdom seem to have spoken a language different from Old Nubian of Makouria from the small number of text available in the Old Nubian Script. It outlived Makouria. The population was comprised of the Noba people.


Alwa officially converted to Monophysite Christianity(Jacobite) in 580, when Bishop Longinus baptized Alwa's king and nobles. Chrisitianity seemed to have been rooted before the king's baptism.

The small number of text, covers period of Mamluk expedition into Nubia. Mamluks attempted on several occassions to replace the king of Makouria with their own hand-picked regent. The Makouria king would seek refuge in the territory of al-Abwab, in Alwa. On occasion the ruler of the territory would turn over the king to the Mamluks. By the 1200s, the kingdom was overrun by Arab nomads. The 'Abdallah Arabs were able to establish various fiefdom, acquiring territory from the kingdom. In 1504, the capital of Soba was taken over by the Funj of the Sennar Sultanate, scholars believe. Some accounts relate a combine Funj and Abdallah Arab conquest. By 1524, the region was in complete ruins. 

The region would later become part of the powerful Funj Sultanate, between the 1500s through 1700s.