Ancient Egyptian Gods

Gods  Description 
Aa  companion of Ré
A'ah  moon deity associated with Osiris
A'a Nefer affiliated with the god Montu, sacred bull of Hermonthis 
Aion  a Greek god introduced in Egypt, thought to be the personification of time 
Aker  lion god associated with mortuary customs 
Amaunet  Amun's consort in the Ogdoad 
Amemait  a mortuary being that devours the unworthy dead
Amiut  canine god of the dead associated with Osiris 
Amun  Paramount Egyptian god associated with Ré   
Anath  goddess of love and war of Canaanite origins 
Andjeti  shepherd god associated with Osiris 
Anhur  a solar deity 
Ani  a khons form, moon deity 
Anti  Ani consort 
Anubis  a god of the dead related to Osirius 
Anukis  First cataract god 
Apedemak  Nubian lion headed god worshiped in Egypt 
Apis  Ptah-Sokar-Osirius cult sacred bull 
Apothis  serpent enemy of  Ré  
Arsenuphis  entity called the Good Companion from Nubia 
Astarte  A New Kingdom goddess of war with Syrian roots 
Asten companion of the god Thot and patron of wisdom 
Aten solar disk, sun god 
Atum  a god of creation 
Ba  god of eternal paradise 
Ba'eb Djet sacred ram of Mendes 
Bain-A'abtiu  gods of souls who transform into baboon ate dawn 
Bait  consort of Ba 
Bastet  cat goddess patron of the arts and pregnant women 
Bata  ancient bull god 
Bes  patron of women, children, and war,usually portrayed as a dwarf 
Beset  Bes's consort 
Buchis  the god Montu represented as a sacred bull 
Dedun  patron of Nubia, adopted by Egypt 
Douao  patron of disease of the eye 
Duamutef  patron of canopic jars, son of horus 
Ernutet  patroness of the Faiyum area 
Esye  a god of wisdom, associated with god thoth 
Forty-Two Judges  patrons of the Judgement Halls of Osiris  
Geb  an earth god, husband of Nut 
Ha  a fertility god, patron of desert 
Hapi 1 patron of the nile 
Hapi 2  son of Horus, personification of time 
Harsaphes  the creator ram god 
Harsomtus  a god created from the union Hathor and Horus 
Hathor  a solar goddess, patroness of the sky and popular deity 
Hat-mehit  patroness of Mendes 
Heh  the god of eternity, consort of Hauket 
Heket  consort of Hek, represented with a frog head 
Hemetch  serpent demon of the underworld, tuat  
Heneb  a god of agriculture 
Hetephaket  a god of Memphis 
Horus  major solar deity assuming many roles 
Hraf-Heh  ferrymen of the dead 
Hu  Heliopolis god of taste 
Hudet  winged form of Ré   
Imsety  son of Horus, guardian of the canopic jar 
Inuet  a consort of the god Montu
Isis  Mother of the gods, consort of Osirius, mother of Horus 
Iusas  a consort of the god Tem 
Kamutef  a creator god associated with Amun 
Kebawet  goddess of eternal paradise 
Khaftet-Hir-Nebes  a protector goddess of Thebes 
Khatru mongoose god 
Khentiamentiu  a funerary god, obscured by Osirius 
Kheper  a solar god, the form of the sun at dawn 
Khnum  referred to as the Molder, a creator god, patron of Elephantine Island 
Khons  moon god of the Theban triad, patron of childbirth 
Ma'amhes  a lion god with possible Nubian roots 
Ma'at  goddess of cosmic awareness and order, affiliated with Osirius 
Mafdet  a feline goddess associated with the solar cult 
Mandulis  a nubian deity worshipped in Egypt 
Matit  a lion goddess associated with Ré 
Mau-Taui  a mortuary god who helped Osirius 
Mehen  serpent associated with the bark of Ré  
Mehurt  celestial cow god affiliated with the waters of heaven 
Menyu  a warrior bull referred to as the Lord of the Desert 
Meresger  a cobra goddess of the necropolis of Thebes, referred to as the Lover of Silence 
Merit  goddess of the inundation of the Nile 
Meskhent  the goddess of childbirth, associated with Hathor 
Min  a fertility god, patron of desert travelers and crop harvests 
Mnevis  a bull god of Heliopolis 
Montu  war god represented by the Buchis bull 
Mut  patroness of the pharaohs 
Nebertcher  personification of Ré   
Nebetu'u  a form of Hathor, worshiped in Esna 
Nefer-Hor  a form of Ptah at Memphis 
Nehah-Ré    serpent of the solar cults 
Nehem-Awit  a form of Hathor 
Nehes  a form of Ré    
Neith  war goddess, patroness of the Delta 
Nekhebet  vulture goddess, patronness of Upper Egypt 
Neper  a grain god associated with harvests 
Nephthys  patroness of the dead, consort of Set, and mother of Anubis 
Neser  a fish god 
Nun  deity of chaos and the primordial age 
Nut  consort of Geb, goddess of Heaven 
Osiris  judge of the dead, patron of Egypt 
Pakhet  a lion goddess, patroness of the living and dead 
Par  a form of Amun, an agricultural god 
Pneb-Tawy  god of Kom Ombo, referred to as the Lord of Two Land 
Ptah  cosmogonic creator deity of all eras 
Qebehsennuf  son of Horus, guardian of the canopic jars 
Qebhet  personification of cool water, affiliated with paradis 
Qebhui  god of the north wind 
Ré    major solar deity 
Renenet  a goddess of good fortune 
Renpet  a goddess of calendrical year 
Repyt  lion goddess of Egypt 
Ret  solar goddess of Heliopolis 
Satet  goddess of Elephantine Island, patron of the Nile 
Sefer-T  winged lion affiliated with the pyramid text 
Sekhmet  a lion goddess of war, consort of Ptah 
Selket  a scorpion goddess affiliated with Isis 
Sept  a god of the twentieth gnome affiliated with Isis 
Shai  a goddess of fate 
Sheshat  a patronness of learning and records 
Shesmetet  a lion goddess, a form of Bastet 
Shu  a goddess of air affiliated with Atum 
Sobek  a crocodile god affiliated with Faiyum area 
Sokar  a god of the Memphite necropolis 
Soknoknonneus  a greek god introduced during Ptolemaic Period 
Sutekh(Set, Seth)  canine deity associated with Set, Instigator of Confusion, son of Geb and Nut, brother of Osiris, Isis, Nephthys 
Tait  goddess of linen, associated with Akhmin 
Tasenetnofret  goddess of Kom Ombo, referred to as the Big Sister 
Tatenen  an earth god referred to as the Risen Land 
Tawaret the hippopotamus goddes, patroness of childbirth 
Tchesertep serpent demon who threatens the dead 
Tefnut goddess of rain, dew, and moisture, consort of shu 
Tem  a solar god of the setting sun 
Thoth  god of learning and wisdom 
Tjet  god of Busiris and Mendes, affiliated with Osiris 
Typhonean Animal  a form of Set 
Unu  the hare deity of Egypt 
Wa  a companion of the Divine Heart of  Ré    
Wadjet  the cobra patroness of Lower Egypt 
Wenut  the rabbit goddess of Thebes 
Wepwawet  the wolf god, associated with Anubis 
Weret  god of the sky, affiliated with Thoth and Horus 

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