Capital: The Valley Nationality: Anguillan Population: 15,423
Currency: XCD Off. Lang: English Area: 91 sq km
Internet DM: ai GDP: $175.4 million Life Exp: 80.98 yrs
Literacy: 95% Location: 18 15 N, 63 10 W Calling Code:264 264

is an island country in the Leeward Island of the Lesser Antilles, located 18 15 N, 63 10 W. The total area is 91 sq km. The capital is the Valley. English is the official language.


The population is 14,766, with a life expectancy of 80.77. The island is 90.1% black,4.6% mulatto, 3.7% white, and 1.5% other. The religious breakdown is 29% Anglican, 23.9% Methodist, Protestant, 5.7% Roman Catholic, 1.7% other Christian, 5.2% other faith, 4.3% none and unspecified. The island is 95% literate.


Anguilla has been inhabitted since 1300 B.C. It is first mentioned by Europeans in 1564. By the 1600s, the indian population had vanished. The island was permanently settled by the British in 1650. Anguilla formed a political association with St. Kitts in 1825. In 1980, the island brokeaway from its union with St. Kitts Nevis and became a British dependent territory.

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