Capital: Oranjestad Nationality: Aruban Population: 109,153 (2013)
Currency: Aruban Guilder/Florin (AWG) Off. Lang: Dutch Area: 180 sq km
Internet DM: aw GDP: $2.67 bil. (2011) Life Exp: 75.21 yrs (2012)
Literacy: 96.8% Location: 14 40 N, 61 00 W Calling Code: 297

Aruba(əˈruːbə, Dutch ɑˈryːbaː) is an island nation, north of Venezuela, with a location of 12 30 N, 69 58 W. It has a total area of 180 sq km. Oranjestad is the capital. Dutch is the official language in government, but  papiamento is the language used for daily activity.

The island has a population of
104,589, with a life expectancy of 75.51 years. The population is mixed 80% white/Caribbean Amerindian and 20% other. Aruba is 80.8% Roman Catholic, 4.1% Evangelist, 2.5% Protestant, 1.5% Jehovah's Witnesses, 1.2% Methodist, 0.2% Jewish, 5.1% other, 4.6% none or unspecified. The literacy rate is 97.3% of the total population.

Climate Change Preparedness

 Cost of Inaction by 2025  5.0 bil.

Aruba in order to address climate change plans to become 100% fossil fuel free in 2020 , with her energy needs met by renewables. This will be funded by a public private model. So far she is 40% fossil fuel free(2015). The island has reduce her carbon emissions and pollution imprint.
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