Asante Pantheon (Gods)

Asante Pantheon or Abosom are the gods and godesses of the Asante people. Nyame was the supreme god. He fathered the abosom or lesser gods. Under the abosoms were spirits called asumans and under the asumans were the nsamanfo, or ancestor spirits.

Gods Description 
Anansi  Divine trickster, mediates between heaven and earth, tricks human and gods 
Apo  Nyame's son-related to water 
Asaase Afua  Goddess of fertility and procreation 
Asaase Yaa  Goddess of earth, mother of the dead, mother of Anansi Spider 
Bia  1st son of Nyame, the favorite of Nyame 
Bosomtwe  Son of Nyame, associated with water 
Onyankopon  Sky god, Anansi the spider received stories from this god, the Anansi Stories 
Tano  Second son of Nyame, God of Tano river, a war god 

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