Azonto is a form of music and dance, originating from Ghana. The dance is reported to have originated from poor coastal communities in Ghana Greater Accra region--jamestown for example-- with strong influence from GA Kpalogo dance. It represent a dance craze that has gain crossover appeal outside Ghana and is dance in other African countries, UK, and US African diasporic countries. Nigerians refer to the dance as jokolo. This crossover international appeal has been acredited to Ghanaian soccer star Asamoah “Baby Jet” Gyan. 


The dance seems to have affiliation to the 1960s Kpanlogo dance. Elements of Apaa, a modern traditional dance of the Ga has informed the style.


Azonto is a communicative dance. Communication is achieved through hand movements. The rhythm is maintained via short movements of the feet. Movements are done in combination of hands and feet, with short burst of motion. The dancer usually takes two steps an pops or cracks. 

Entering a club a guy can communicate with a girl by hand movements, signaling great interest and wishing to hookup. 

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