Baganda Pantheon (Lubaale, Gods)

Baganda Pantheon (Lubaale) is the Gods of the Baganda people. Lubaale means dome of the sky and consist of 70 gods. The supreme being is Katonda. Under Katonda are the balubaale, spirits that control the physical world. Some balubaales are heroes, ancestor spirits, or natural elements.

Gods Description
Gulu  god of sky and heaven; second in command to Katonda 
Kibuka  god of war and defense 
Kitaka  Mother Earth, goddess of agriculture 
Kiwanuka  god of lightning and thunder and fertility/reproduction 
Mukasa  deified human of kindness and generosity, god who gives children, cattle, and food
Musisi  Earthquake, god of natural disasters, Wanga's son 
Nambi  Gulu's daughter, wife of Kintu, the first Buganda King 
Walumbe  god of death, son of Gulu 
Wanema  father of Kibuka and Mukasa
Wanga  deified hero;ability to foretell how to avoid common problems, illness, and disease 

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