Capital: Nassau Nationality: Bahamian Population: 324,597
Currency: Bahamian dollars (BSD) Off. Lang: English Area: 13,880 sq km
Internet DM: bs GDP: $9.231 bil. (2015) Life Exp: 72.2 yrs
Literacy: Location: 24 15 N, 76 00 W Calling Code 242

Bahamas (bəˈhɑːməz) is an island country comprise of a string of islands north of Cuba and south of Florida, with an exact location of 24 15 N, 76 00 W. The Bahamas has a combined total area of 13,880 sq km. Nassau is the capital. English is the official language.

The Bahamas

The islands has a combined population of 310,426, with an average life expectancy of 70.84 years. The Bahamas is 85% black,12% white, 3% Asian and Hispanic. The religious breakdown is 35.4% Baptist, 15.1% Anglican, 13.5% Roman Catholic, 8.1% Pentecostal, 4.8% Church of God, 4.2% Methodist, 15.2% other Christian, 2.9% none or unspecified, and 0.8% other. 

Climate Change Preparedness

 Cost of Inaction by 2025 6.6 bil.

The Bahamas is listed among the top 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change. This is largely due to being very flat and lying below sea levels. The most important infrastructure and her population are near the coast. Like other islands, she is experiencing extreme weather patterns from droughts to heavy rains. The northwest islands have experience increase rainfall. Her southeast islands have experience a decrease in rainfalls. Her coral reefs have experience coral bleaching and coral death. This would mean her first line of defence from waves and beach erosion is vanishing. Food production from fish might also decline. In response to climate change the government has promise to increase energy sources from renewals by 2033. Little action has been taken on the latter. 


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