Baoulé(Baule) is a branch of the Akan, related to the Asante. The branch had its beginnings on the death of Asantehene Opoku Ware, which triggered a hereditary dispute. A segment of the Asante decided to separate from the nation and seek its own territory in present day Ivory Coast. They were led by Awura Poku. They settle east of the Bandama River. They displaced and intermarried with the Senufu of the north and Guru people of the west. They came to dominate southern Ivory Coast. Poku died in 1760 and was burried in her capital, the town of Warebo, close to Bouake. Queen Akwa Boni, niece of Poku, inherited the throne. Her people became known as the Baoule and took over the gold mines west of the Bandama River. At the death of Queen Akwa, the kingdom plunged into dynastic disputes among the major family heads. The kingdom never achieved great unity, as the Empire of Asante. It was conquered by the French in the latter half of the 1800s.

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