Cape Verde, Cabo Verde , Cap Vert

Republic of Cabo Verde
Capital: Praia Nationality: Cabo Verdean Population: 545,993(2015)
Currency: Cabo Verdean escudos(CVE) Off. Lang: Portuguese Area: 4,033 sq km
Internet DM: cv GDP: $3.479 bil,(2015) Life Exp: 71.85 years
Literacy: 74.9% Location: 16 00 N, 24 00 W Calling Code: 239

Cape Verde(vɜːd) is a group of islands, west of Senegal, located 16 00 N, 24 00 W. The islands has a total area of 4,033 sq km. The capital is Praia on the island of Sao Tiago. Portuguese is the official, but criolo is the
language of daily life. 

The population is 508,659, with a life expectancy of 70.41 years. The ethnic breakdown is 71% Creole , 28% African, and 1% European. The island is
88.1% Roman Catholic, 3.3% Protestant  (mostly Church of the Nazarene), 3.7% other Christian, 2.8% Muslim, 2.1% other. The literacy rate is 85.8% male and 69.2%  female.