Casta (caste) was a derogatory term for individials of mixed ancestry in Colonial Spanish America. They were typically above blacks and applied by Spanish society. The following is an example of the Mexican and Peruvian casta system:

Mexican Casta
  1. Mestizo: Spanish father and Indian mother
  2. Castizo: Spanish father and Mestizo mother
  3. Espomolo: Spanish mother and Castizo father
  4. Mulatto: Spanish and black African
  5. Moor: Spanish and Mulatto
  6. Albino: Spanish father and Moor mother
  7. Throwback: Spanish father and Albino mother
  8. Wolf: Throwback father and Indian mother
  9. Zambiago: Wolf father and Indian mother
  10. Cambujo: Zambiago father and Indian mother
  11. Alvarazado: Cambujo father and Mulatto mother
  12. Borquino: Alvarazado father and Mulatto mother
  13. Coyote: Borquino father and Mulatto mother
  14. Chamizo: Coyote father and Mulatto mother
  15. Coyote-Mestizo: Cahmizo father and Mestizo mother
  16. Ahi Tan Estas: Coyote-Mestizo father and Mulatto mother

Peruvian Casta

 Male Female Offspring
 White Black Mulato 
 White Mulata Cuarteron
 White Cuarterona Quinteron 
 White Quinterona White 
 Black Mulata  Zambo 
 Black Zamba  Zambo prieto 
 Black Zamba Prieta  Black