Republic of Cuba
Capital: Havana Nationality: Cuban Population: 11,075,244
Currency: CUP(Cuban peso) Off. Lang: Spanish Area: 110,860 sq km
Internet DM: cu GDP: $114.1 bil. Life Exp: 77.87 yrs
Literacy: 99.8% Location: 21 30 N, 80 00 W Calling Code: 53

Cuba (kyoo-buh; Sp. koo-vah) is an island country in the Greater Antilles group of islands, in the Caribbean Sea, located 21 30 N, 80
00 W. The island has an area of 110,860 sq km. Havana is the capital, with Spanish as the official language.

The population is 11,477,459, with an average life-expectancy of; 77.64 years. The island is 65.1% white, 24.8% mulatto and mestizo, 10.1% black. Before Castro, Cuba was 85% Roman Catholic. Other religious beliefs are Jehovah's Witnesses, Judaism, and Santeria. Cuba has a 99.8% literacy rate

Climate Change Preparedness

 Cost of Inaction by 2025  6.1 bil.

Cuba has been hit by numerous hurricanes in a short span of time. By 2050, it is estimated the Cuba will lose 3% of her coastal land, due to rising sea levels. Rising sea levels has contaminate her fresh water acquifers. She has experience coral bleaching and coral death.

Cuba has the most aggressive climate change policy in the Caribbean and has gone the furthest in implementing climate change policies. So far they have been the most succesful country in addressing climate change in the Caribbean. The government of Cuba has made the assumption rich countries will donate zero funds to their country. They have relocated their coastal population further inland. They have engage in grassroot educational campaign. All Cubans from the young to the old are aware of climate change. In terms of food security, urban farming that utilizes agroecological and permaculture methods have been implemented with great success and increasing Cuba's food security. Cuban farming is almost 100% organic. In terms of energy security, Cuba is aiming to have 24% of her energy needs met by renewables in 2030. Rural schools and hospitals have already been equiped with solar panels. Distributed power stations using small hydro-plants have been implemented. Cuba has regrown her forest cover from 16% to 28%, the only country to achieve this. The latter came about through an aggressive campaign of tree planting. This will go a long way to mitigate soil erosion and flooding.


 Index  Value
 Corruption Perception Index  47(2015)
 Ease of Doing Business  n/a (2015)
 Human Development Index  .769(2015)
 World Press Freedom  70.23(2016)

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