Damot(D'mt D'iamat)

Damot (D'mt Di'amat) was a kingdom in northern Ethiopia and Eritrea, that arose between c. 700 BC to 500 BC. The kingdom seem to have emerged from trade with Saba on the Arabian Penninsula. It was a provider of myrrh, frankincense, gold, rhinoceros horns, and ivory. Some scholars consider D'mt to be completely indigenous. Others consider D'mt to be a mixture of indigenous and Sabaean roots. A minority consider it of purely Sabaen stock. They had the plough and grew teff, finger millet, barley, and wheat. Temples and palaces in Yeha represent D'mt architecture. Some consider Yeha to have once been the capital of D'mt. Other major sites included Hzwelti, Melazao, Qohaytu, and Matara. D'mt declined around 500 BC and was replaced by the Kingdom of Aksum as the major power in the region.

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