Free Education

Free High School Courses

Khan Academy-entire high school curriculum online, from elementary to high school

Free College and University Courses

Coursera-offers courses from various colleges and universities

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) - MIT courses online

M.I.T.x - offers certificates for MIT courses

edX - Harvard courses online, offers certificates

Udacity-offers courses from various colleges and universities

University of People-earn a bachelors in Business Administration and Computer Science, first fully accredited online university

YouTube - is nothing but a virtual university. One can learn anything from the video sharing site. You want to learn Arithmetic, Algebra, Spanish, history, it is all on YouTube. The most invaluable feature is the acquisition of practical skills like driving a stick, making fertilizer, First Aid/CPR. If you are a cook, it teaches one how to cook almost anything. 

List of Zero Tuition Colleges and Universities

Some colleges offer degrees with zero tuition. With the skyrocketing cost of education, it is not a bad deal. A work-study stipulation or strong academic standing may be required. The following Colleges and University offer zero tuition to attend:

College Requirement
Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, Ky  Work Study
Berea College, Berea, ky Work Study
City University of New York's Teacher Academy  The academy, prepares undergraduates to be math or science teachers in New York city's public middle and high schools 
College of the Ozarks  Work Study 
Cooper Union, New York  Portfolio, Architecture applicants are accepted based on their academic achievement and a home test evaluation. Engineering students are admitted based on their high school average, SAT scores, and other math or science exams
Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia,  students with strong musical aptitude who want to pursue a professional music career. Students must submit an application and schedule an audition at the school.
Deep Springs College, Deep Springs, Ca  All-male liberal arts college located in a remote desert area with a focus on academics, labor, and self-governance
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering,Needham, Mass. strong calculus and physics foundation. Applicants are asked to take either the SAT or ACT, along with two SAT subject tests in math and science.
University of People The first fully accredited online university.
One pays for the exams and test; offers bachelors in computer science and business administration
U.S. Military Academy  
U.S. Air Force Academy   
U.S. Naval Academy   
U.S. Coast Guard Academy    
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy   
Webb Institute, Glen Cove, NY  physically healthy, academic requirement 
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering school

Countries with Zero Tuition Colleges and Universities

Some countries have zero tuition colleges and universities. Many have citizen requirements. Some have stipulations for international students and ways to get a degree. 

Country  Stipulation 
British Virgin Islands   
Czech Republic   

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