EdX is a joint collaboration of MIT and Harvard to offer their courses online for free. MIT’s Director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Anant Agarwal will serve as the first president of edX and Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith will serve as course developer. EdX tries to understand how student learn by collecting data. EdX is trying to build a global online learner community. It will have embedded quizzes and automatic assessments to follow grade. Students who pass the class will get a grade and a certificate. Courses will be offered under the MITx or HarvardX and other university brand. 

Two model approach to edX will be utilize. One is edX will be totally open source for any other institution to use. The other is edX will develop a platform for other institutions and put their courses under the M.I.T.x brand and Harvardx brand. 

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