Famous Black and Afro-Arab Muslims

  1. Abu Al-Djahiz-Iraqi intellect of the 800s of Ethiopian roots
  2. Al-Idrisi-geographer writer of Kitab Rujar
  3. Abul-Misk Kafur-Nubian eunuch who ruled all of Egypt during the 10th century
  4. Al-Hassan b. Muhammad al-Misr al-Muhallabi wrote al 'Azizi
  5. Al-Bakri (Abu Ubayd 'Abd Alah b., 'Abd al-Aziz al-Bakri) geographer from Cordova/Almeria, provides written sources on the Western Sudan
  6. Ali B. Muhammad-Leader of the Zanj Rebellion in Basra, Iraq

  7. al-Mustansir(1036-1094)-the longest serving Fatimid Caliph, son of a Sudanese concubine
  8. al-Mansur(1578-1608)- Sadian ruler son of a Fulani concubine
  9. Ambar(Shambu)-Ethiopian or habshi who rose to rule the Deccan Kingdom in India
  10. Amr ibn al-A- OEthiopian ancestry, companion of the prophet Muhammad, lead the muslim invasion of Egypt
  11. Antara Ibn Shaddad-6th century warrior writer
  12. Ata ibn Abi Rabah-Celebrated jurist of Mecca of Nubian parentage
  13. Bila ibn Rabah-Ethiopian Companion and attendant of the the prophet Muhammad, first muezzin
  14. Ibn Battutah-Arab traveller from Tangiers, known for the Rihlah(Travels)
  15. Ibn Khaldun- Tunisian scholar, known for the multi-volume work, the Book of Lessons and Archive of Early and Subsequent History, Dealing with the Political Events Concerning the Arabs, Non-Arabs, and Berbers
  16. Ibrahim Shah-brother of Mubarak Shah, total break from Delhi with massive army, known for building many impressive structures
  17. Ishraq as-Suwaida-A black Spanish girl celebrated for her knowledge of prosody and grammar in the 10th century
  18. Malik Sarwar-Habshi vizier eunuch of the Sultan of Delhi, controlled eastern province
  19. Mubarak Shah(Qaranful)-adopted son of Malik Sarwar, independent control of eastern province,had coinage of himself
  20. Mulay Ismail-second Alawid sultan, son of a black concubine
  21. Mustafa Agha-Chief Eunuch under Turkish Sultan Ahmed I, who wielded enormous influence
  22. Najib Mahfuz-Egyptian novelist, first to win Nobel Prize in literature 
  23. Shaykh Said-famous Gujarat soldier-Gujarat's military was mainly made up of black soldiers
  24. Umar-second Caliph of Islam, Ethiopian ancestral link
  25. Abul-Hasian Ali ibn Nafi (Ziryab)-Black Iraqi musician,singer, poet, who was a trendsetter in al-Andaluse, introducing the use of deodorant, toothpaste, drinking of wine, eating of asparagus to al-Andalus culture
  26. Yusef Idris-Egyptian short story writer, considered the best short story writer in Arabic

Many of the Arab elites of Saudi Arabia had African mothers. Slavery in the Indian Ocean trade consisted mainly of women to be used as concubines and domestics.