Fon Pantheon (Gods, Vodun)

Fon Pantheon or Vodun is the gods and goddesses of the Fon or Dahomey people. A hierarchy of gods exists. The supreme god is Nana-Buluku, Originator and creator of the beginning. He gave birth to Mawu-Lisa who completed creation and gave birth to other gods. Mawu-Lisa has a male and female personification--Mawu the female and Lisa the male. Her children fall into Sky Pantheon, Earth Pantheon, Sea Pantheon, and Thunder Pantheon. Some gods were ancestor spirits who were deified.

Gods Description 
Agbèthird son of Mawu-Lisa; head of the Sea Pantheon 
Agè fourth son of Mawu-Lisa; god of hunt 
Da Zodji firstborn son of Mawu-Lisa; head of the Earth Pantheon 
Djo sixth son of Mawu-Lisa; god of air 
Gbadu daughter of Mawu-Lisa; goddess of fate 
Gu fifth son of Mawu-Lisa; god of iron, war, weapons, and tools 
Heviosothunder Pantheon; another name for the god Sogbo 
Legba seventh born son of Mawu-Lisa; trickster god; messenger of Mawu-Lisa 
Lisa male aspect of Mawu-Lisa; affiliated with the sky, the east, the sun, and the day 
Mawu female aspect of Mawu-Lisa; affiliated with earth, the west, the moon, and the night 
Nana-Buluku Supreme God, parent of Mawu-Lisa 
Sagbata general name given to the Earth Pantheon; son of  Da Zodji and Nyohwè Ananu
Se vodun that represents the souls of human  
Segbo king of the gods; early ruler of humans
Sogbo Second born son of Mawu-Lisa; head of Thunder Pantheon; androgynous 

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