French Colonial Racial Categorization

Racial Category   Description
Sacatra 7/8 black; griffe and black;8 thru 23 part white 
Griffe 3/4 black or offspring of mulatto and black;24 thru 39 part white
Marabou, marabon 5/8 black, mulatto and griffe;40 thru 48 part white
Mulatto 1/2 black;49 thru 70 part white
Quadroon, quarteroon 1/4 black or offspring of mulatto and white, or white and mameluke;71 thru 100 part white
metif 1/8 black, white and quadroon(quarteroon);101 thru 112 part white
mameluke 1/12 black or white and metif;113 thru 120 part white
Octoroon  1/8 black or quadroon and white;121 thru 124 part white
Sang-mele 1/8 black or white and quateroon 
'steenth 1/16 black