French Guiana

French Guiana
Capital: Cayenne Nationality: French Population: 255,000
Currency: Euro Off. Lang: French Area: 83,534 sq km
Internet DM: gf GDP: $4.90 bil.(2012) Life Exp: 80.8 m/73.8 f
Literacy: 96% Location: 4 00 N, 53 00 W Calling Code: 594

French Guiana is a department of France in South America, bordered by Suriname to the west and Brazil to the south and East.  French is the official language, but a widespread Guiana Creole is spoken.  

Guiana is 84.6% Christian, of which 80% are Roman Catholic ,   3.9% are Protestant.  3.6%  practice Chinese folk religion. 3.5% are practicing Spiritist.  3% are non-religious/atheist.  1.9% hold traditional beliefs. Hindus comprise 1.6% of the population. 0.9% are muslims. 0.9% are other beliefs(2000).

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