Geez Script

Ge'ez Script was the writing system of the Afro-asiatic or Afrasan semitic language of the ancient Axumite EmpireGe'ez is one of the oldest writing system in the world. It has been around for 2,000 years and unchanged. It is a system of writing that uses syllables and vowels called an abugida.

Geez was written on animal skin called birana. When the text became old and the birana deteriorated, it was common tradition to transfer it on new birana

All together, there is 182 syllograph in Geez, with 26 main ones. All 26 are consonants. The others are adjustments with added strokes, alterations for vowel sounds, and change in vocalization. No capital or lowercase symbols can be found in Ge'ez. 

Ge'ez has pictographic elements. Its scripts represent real objects. The script also displays aspect of ideography. Since each main syllograph has 7 variation, in combination it can represent value systems, ideas, social order, and philosophy. In addition, it has elements of astrography. The total 182 syllograph represents half of 364 day year or one equinox and represent a day in each equinox. The script displays features of numerology. Each syllograph corresponds to the numbers 1-5600. Words can take on numerical values, giving insight into biblical interpretation and providing a memory recal mechanism.  Abraham's name can be represented for example as a value of 60=40+9+6+1+4.

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