How to grow dreadlocks, locks, or dreads

Dreads is usually affiliated with the Rasta religion, can symbolize political activism, and just plain rebellion.

The difficulty of attaining dreads depends on hair texture. The straighter your hair the more difficult it is to lump together, thereby attaining dreads. Lumping hair together is attained by rubber band,  curling hair together with fingers, separating hair into two strands and twisting them together, or partially platting the hair. Some people use gel. Others don't. Twisting should start at the tip of the hair not at the base, to prevent the lock from loosing. After hair is all lumped, one should keep twisting each lock everyday, until a more permanent achieved.

Help will be needed in growing dreads. It should be done by a professional, mother, sister, or girlfriend. Seeing behind the head and twisting is a near impossible  task.

Dreads can be maintained by shampooing.

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