How to grow mangos

Mangos are one of the major fruits of the world. The fruit was domesticated in south or southeast Asia.  India produces more mangos than any other nation, with China being second(2010). Africa produces 10% of the world's mangos. 

Mangos are grown from the seed. Select a tree with good fruitage and bearing. The grown tree will reflect its genetics. Eat the fruit part and cut the seed open. Plant the embryo inside, either in the area where the tree will be permanent or plant the embryo in a pot, 1 inch deep in the soil.  Ideal pH should be between 5.5 to 7.5. Mangos love rich well drain soil. Caliche soil or soil rich in calcium carbonate is poor soil for mangos. Fertilizer for young trees should be 6-10% nitrogen, 6-10% phosphorus, 6-10% potash, and 4%-6% magnesium. Young trees should be fertilized every 2 month.

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