How to grow millet

Millet is one of the world's staple grain. India is the number one producer of millet, followed by China(2010). It was domesticated in Africa in the Sahelian zone. It is critical for food security in Africa. Pearl millet is the most grown type of millet in Africa. Millet grows well in dry conditions.

Millet grows in moist soil, not too wet. Make sure soil is well drained. It loves nitrogen rich soil (animal manure is a good source of nitrogen). A pH of 5.6 or higher is recommended. Deposit millet seed 1 cm deep in moist soil.  Plants should be 2 inches and 5 cm apart and 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) deep in the soil. Millet grows in a temperature range of 68°-86° F (20° - 30° C) or warm weather. Weeds can pose a problem, try to remove as much as possible and plant a high density of millet.

Millet takes two months to three months to grow. Millet is harvested when the seed turns golden brown or leaves turn yellow.