How to grow sugarcane

Sugarcane is a perennial grass that is a major source of sugar production. Brazil is the number one producer of sugar cane. India is the second producer. The plant was domesticated in New Guinea in the South Pacific. 

Sugarcane is grown from slips of the plant. Take a sugar cane stalk, cut the sugar cane into segments where each segment has 3 joints on it. The joint is where the sugarcane plant will sprout. 

Plant segments either vertically or horizontally in soil. One can initially place cane in water and then transplant it into soil. Soil should be porous, aerated, and setup to retain water. The pH should be at 6.5. Sugarcane loves warm weather. Ideal temperature should be 22oC through 35oC. Below 12oC sugarcane will stop growing.

It is harvested 12 to 18 months, usually during the dry season. The stalk usually has the maximum number of sucrose, during the dry season.