How to grow teff (tef)

Teff is the main staple crop of Ethiopia and Eritrea. It was domesticated in Ethiopia. The grain of the plant is crushed into a flour for making injera bread. It is rich in amino acids.
When growing teff, weeds can pose a problem. Weeds must be removed from the planting area. Herbicides can be used.

One acre of land can produce 2 1/2 tons of teff. 1.2 million seeds can produce a pound of teff plant. Teff grows in warm weather. It does not grow in cold weather. When temperature hits freezing, it stops growing. Planting teff involves broadcasting or tossing the seed in the area the plant is to grow. It can be planted by a seeding machine or drilling the seed in the soil. Teff is grown between March and June or July and November in Ethiopia and Eritrea. This would be the ideal time in tropical zones.

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