How to make hand sanitizer

Water might be a scarce commodity to come by for washing hands. In such cases, normal hygenic processes can't be implemented. A temporary solution or alternative solution can be hand sanitizers to ensure health and safety. The basic ingredients for a hand sanitizer is a germ killing agent and a moisturizer. The germ killing agent is typically 60%-90% proof alcohol.  It should not be less than 60% or above 90% proof. Above 90% alcohol is not effective at killing germs. More is not better in this case. The moisturizer for re-moisturizing the hand could be an essential oil or fatty source. A basic sanitizer formula could be the following:
  1. Alcohol-vodka, rum, changaa, kachaso
  2. Extra germ killer-lemon juice (germ killer with great scent)
  3. Moisturizer-corn oil, palm oil, coconut oil , shea oil
Lemon juice can be added for further germ killing effect and for providing scent to the formula.