Kaarta Kingom Empire

was the second of two Bambara kingdom located near the Niger River in present day Mali. After the fall of the Songhai Empire, Bambara kingdom Kaarta and Segu, emerged as the most powerful empires in the region, during the 1600s and 1800s. 

Massa(1650-1710), a Bambara, founded the kingdom in 1650 and the Massassi Dynasty, with the capital at Sounsan. He was succeeded by his grandson Foulakoro. Under Foulakoro, Segu under Mamari Kulibali invaded and destroyed the Kaarta in 1745. It was rebuilt in the same year by Sey Bamana Kulibali(1754-1758), near Kumbi. The leadership became semi-nomadic, moving around, and raiding territories. Under Sira Bo of the Massassi Dynasty the kingdom became settled with its capital at Guemou. With its stationary status, the kingdom became a regional power. They began aquiring territories like Diawara and Khasso states. Under the rule of Bodian Moriba(1818-1832), the kingdom reached its peak. The capital was moved from Yélimané to Nioro. Bodian pursued peace with Segu by establishing an alliance, ending almost thirty years of conflict and hostility. 

Kaarta in 1854 was conquered and absorbed by the Tukulor Empire in 1854.

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