Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online non-profit academic learning organization founded by former hedge fund manager Sal Khan. The organization has grown tremendously with generous donations by the Gates Foundation and the Google Foundation. About 2,100 free online tutorials exist on the homesite and on YouTube and 100 self-paced exercises.


Khan Academy has its beginnings with Sal Khan tutoring his cousin Nadia, who had fallen behind. She was able to leap a few grades beyond her peers. Other relatives sought Khan's help. He decided to record his lectures, with great success and later decided to release it on YouTube, for free. The hits on his videos exceeded his expectations, with positive and successful feedback.


Courses such as Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and introductory Calculus are offered. Courses in Science, Business, and History are also offered. Exercises are integrated within the platform, so students can switch between exercises and videos. Students can rewind, replay the videos as many times as possible. Courses are access via a profile that can be made through Facebook or Google Account.

To keep students motivated badges and incentives are issued. 

Lots of metrics exist such as duration watching videos, type of problems erred, progress over times. Student progress can also be monitored in real time. Parents, students, and teachers can view all the metrics.


All courses at Khan Academy are free, on the homesite or on Youtube. The site gets millions of hits per day. Teachers now assign video viewing for homework and personalize tutoring in class. Anyone with a broadband connection can access Khan Academy and get an education.

In developing countries, kids who have to work in the day can now do school work in the evening, not falling behind. Khan Academy can be used as a low cost alternative to educate a developing country's population by providing widespread broadband access. 

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