Kingdom of Futa Jallon

Kingdom of Futa Jallon was a Fulani Kingdom ran by an imam or almamy, located in central Guinea, founded in 1725.The state
occupied the defensive side of a Hill. The kingdom came about with a joint coalition of Fulani, Mandinka, Susu, and other ethnic muslims. Fulani muslim reformers called mujaddadin ("revivers of Islam" not mujahadeen, "warriors of Islam") wanted to create a pure islamic state. They conquered the Dialonke, a Mande speaking ethnic.

The Almamy

The kingdom was ruled by the almamy. His power was absolute, but informed by his counselors who had the ears of the populace. The almamy claimed authority from Allah and ruled in the name of Allah. The almamy was elected every two years after 1800. They came from two Fulani families, the Alfa or Sori.

Kingdom Organization

The kingdom was divided into 9 provinces called diwal. Each diwal was further divided into sub-districts called miside. An army, manned by compulsory service, was kept for defense. The almamy was the commander of the army.

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