Kingdom of Morocco

Kingdom of Morocco was a Maghriban kingdom founded in the 1500s. The Sa'did an Arab nomad clan founded the kingdom. The kingdom prevented the expansion of the Ottoman Empire  and European Christendom into the Maghrib.

The Rise of Ahmad al-Mansur

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In the Battle of Al Kasr Kebir, a standstill was achieved, with both the Sultan of Morocco and the King of Portugal being killed in battle.  With the death of the Sultan of Morocco, we see the rise of Ahmad al-Mansur. Mansur was of Fulani maternal ancestry. He vigorously built up Morocco's military with Sahelian slaves. In 1591, Mansur invaded the Songhay Empire seeking to control its gold mines and acquire manpower for his military. The Songhay conquest initially was profitable but later proved to be costly and a burden to Morocco. The latter was due to the gold trade switching to Tunis, Tripoli, Cairo, and to the atlantic european trade.

Alawid Dynasty

After the death of Ahmad, the kingdom fell into dynastic dispute, breaking into two factions centered in Fes and Marrakesh. In 1669,  Mawlay al-Rashid re-united the kingdom and founded the Alawid Dynasty. His succesor Mawlay Ismail (1672-1727),son of a black concubine, further solidified the kingdoms authority by beefing up the military with Sahelian slaves. Strong jurisdiction was established in Fes, Merrakesh, and coastal towns along Tangier through Agadir with payment of taxes. Authority was loose in the Atlas Mountain areas, with independent nomad clans, who had to be coerced with threat of invasion.

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