Kushite Gods and Goddesses

Gods and Goddesses  Description 
Amesemi  woman wearing a crown/shaped like a falcon or moon;Goddess of Protection and wife of Apedemak 
Amun  man with a ram head;God of the sun and creator of all things
Apedemak  man with a lion head;warrior god associated with the moon 
Arensnuphis  man with feathered crown and long skirt;God of life, air, and wind 
Bastet  woman with a head of a cat; Goddess of motherhood  
Bes  short wide face man with mane, tale, and ears of a lion;God of dancing and singing
Hathor  cow or woman with cow ears and horns;Goddes of love and beauty who protected women during childbirth 
Horus  falcon or man with a falcon's head; son of sun God Ra
Isis  woman sitting on a throne or wearing a crown associated with the Hawk; Protector goddess of the dead 
Ma'at  small woman with ostrich feather;Goddess of harmony and balance 
Osiris  mummified crown with tall crown;god associated with the afterlife and with dead rulers 
Ptah  small man with a body covered with feathers;God of craftspeople and artists 
Sekhmet  Lion or woman with lion head;Goddess of chaos and anger 
Taueret  Hippopotmus with the tail of a crocodile and the paws of a lion;Protector goddess of women
Thoth  a man with a bird's head;god of moon associated with language and wisdom 

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