Lingala Numeration (Numbers)

Lingala is a Bantu language and lingua franca of Democratic Republic of Congo(Kinshasa) and Republic of Congo(Brazzaville). Its use has spread to northwestern Angola, eastern Gabon, southern Central African Republic, and southern Sudan. The popularity of soukous music is instrumental in the spread of Lingala. It was derived from Bangala speaking people of the Mongala, Ngiri, and Ubangi river areas. The language has become a language of trade. The following is a sample of lingala counting system.

 11dzomi na moko 
 12dzomi na mibale 
 13dzomi na misato 
 14dzomi na mine
 15dzomi na mitano 
 16dzomi na motoba 
 17dzomi na sambo
 18dzomi na yembo
 19dzomi na libwa
 20dzomi na mibale' 
 21dzomi na mibale na moko 
 22dzomi na mibale na mibale 
 23dzomi na mibale na misato 
 24dzomi na mibale na mine 
 25dzomi na mibale na mitano 
 26dzomi na mibale na motoba 
 27dzomi na mibale na sambo 
 28dzomi na mibale na yembo
 29dzomi na mibale na libwa 
 30dzomi na misato