List of Prominent Berbers

  1. Abd Al-Haqq-Prominent leader in the Marinid movement
  2. Abd al-Mumin-Almohad leader
  3. Abu Bakr-Prominent Almoravid Leader, Lamtuna Berber
  4. Donatus- primate of Numidia , Donatist ideology named after
  5. Firmus (372–375)-lead insurrection against Rome
  6. FIHROUN (1885–1916). Amenukal of the Ouilliminden, who led a re-volt against the French from 1912 to 1916.
  7. Gildon- insurrection against Rome in 398 AD
  8. Ibn Tumart-Founder of Almohad ideology
  9. Jabal Tariq(Gibraltar)-Almoravids leader, who lead the conquest of Spain
  10. Kahina-Berber female leader who unified Berbers against Arab invasion
  11. Marcus Opellius Macrinus-Berber Roman Emperor
  12. Septimius Severus-Berber Roman Emperor
  13. Saint Augustine-early Christian phillosopher
  14. Saint Cyprian-early Christian phillosopher
  15. Tacfarinas-
  16. Tertulian-early Christian phillosopher
  17. Yahya ibn Umar-Prominent leader of the Almoravid, a Lamtuna Berber
  18. Emir Yusuf ibn Tashfin-Almoravid leader who initiated the invasion of Spain
  19. Zinedine Zidane-famous French soccer player