Mauritian French Creole

Mauritian French Creole(MC) is the main language of the island of Mauritius. It is the language of all Mauritians for daily activiites. English is the language of government. French is the language of mass media. 


The island was inhabited in 1721 by the French, originating from La Reunion, who brought along their slaves. The slave populations came from Madagascar, West Africa, and East Africa. Slaves spoke languages belonging to the Austranesian family from Madagascar, languages belonging to the Kwa sub-family of the Niger- Congo, and languages belonging to the Bantu sub-family of the Niger-Congo. The language was in existence by mid 1700s. The British took over the island in 1810 and by 1835, they later imported Indian, Chinese indentured servants, to fill labor shortages. 


Mauritian Creole is largely derived from French. Its grammatical structure unlike other creoles of the Caribbean does not derive from an African structure. Because of this, some linguists have postulated the creole as a strict French derivative. Mauritian Creole borrows word from Bhojpuri, English, and other languages spoken on the island. 

The creole is inflectionless. It makes use of compounding and reduplication. It is a SVO(subject verb object) language.

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