Republic of Namibia
Capital: Windhoek Nationality: Namibian Population: 2.1 million
Currency: Namibian dollars (NAD) Off. Lang: English Area: 824,292 sq km
Internet DM: na GDP: $15.5 billion Life Exp: 52.17 years
Literacy: 85% Location: 22 00 S, 17 00 E Calling Code: 264

Namibia (nɑːˈmɪbɪə, nə-) is a southern African country, bordered by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the east, and Angola to the north. It has a total area of 824,290 square kilometers. Windhoek is the capital.


Namibia has a population 2.1 million, with a life expectancy of 53. The country is 50% Ovambo, 9% Kavangos, 7% Herero, 7% Damara, 5% Nama, 4% Caprivian, 3% Bushmen, 2% Baster,  0.5% Tswana and 6% white.


 Index  Value
 Mo Ibrahim Governance Index  70.4(2014)
 Corruption Perception Index  49(2014)
 Ease of Doing Business  88(2014)
 Human Development Index  .624(2014)
 World Press Freedom  12.5(2015)


Hunter gatherers were the first people to inhabit Namibia, who were later joined by the Nama(Khoi-Khoi), pastoralist, around the time of Christ. Later we see the arrival of the Bantu speaking Herero in the 16th century. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to land on Namibian soil. Diego Cao landed in 1485. Walvis Bay and Ludertz were major stopping points. The Dutch in 1793, tried to claim authority on the latter two forts. From then on, Walvis Bay and Ludertz switch from Holland to France to England. Fur traders explored and settled the interior. In 1884, the territory was claimed by Germany. Under Germany the native population endured genocide and marginalization. After World War I, South Africa gained control as a trust territory. About the 1960s Namibia pushed for independence. Organizations like SWAPO engaged in guerilla warfare. Namibia received independence from South Africa in 1990.


Namibian Stock Exchange

The Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) had its beginning in the early 20th Century, in Luderitz, called the Luderitzbucht Stock Exchange , dealing with diamonds. The current Stock exchange openned on September 30, 1992 and started trading the next day. The NSX is a non-profit organization. The exchange deals in  equities and bonds.

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