Nigerians are the Most Educated Immigrant Group In America

Nigerian immigrants are the most educated Americans. In the census of 2006, 37% of Nigerian U.S. households have bachelor degrees compared to 17% of all other groups; 17% have master's degrees compared to 7% of all other groups; 5% have professional degrees compared to 2% of all other groups; 4% have doctorate degrees compared to 1% of all other groups.

This can be compared to 8% of whites who have master's degrees, and 1% who have doctorates. 12% of Asians have master's degrees, and 3% have doctorate degrees. 

The reasons given for Nigerian's high rate of degree acquisition are family expectation. Education is a valued commodity in the community and a mark of prestige. Immigration laws can force students to remain in school, forcing students to acquire multiple degrees. Also, the fact of being a double minority, black and African, motivates individuals to have double the credentials to succeed.

Even with high educational attainment discrimination exist. Black immigrants have the highest unemployment rate of all immigrant workers, according to a 2010 Economic Policy Institute study. 

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