Nobatia was a Nubian Christian kingdom, with its capital at Faras. It was one of three kingdoms(Makuria, Nobatia, Alwa) that emerge after the fall of the Kingdom of Meroe. Nobatia converted to Christianity in the middle of the 6th century, with great influence and loyalty from and to the Egyptian Coptic Church in Alexandria. Nobatia eventually became one with the kingdom of Makuria, with the capital at Dongola, between 690-710. It is not certain whether Nobatia was absorbed by Makuria or a mutual political powersharing agreement took place.

The region was ruled by an eparch or governor. The eparchs authority extended from the 1st cataract to the 2nd cataract. Although part of Makuria, Nobatia displayed great political autonomy, to the point the eparch began to be referred to as ourou or king. Nobatia shared a common language and material culture with Makuria, but still maintained a separate identity from Makuria.

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