Republic of Congo

Republic of the Congo
Capital: Brazzaville Nationality: Congolese/Congo Population: 4,366,266
Currency: XAF Off. Lang: French Area: 342,000 sq km
Internet DM: cg GDP: $18.36 bil. Life Exp: 55.27 yrs
Literacy: 83.8% Location: 1 00 S, 15 00 E Calling Code: 242

Republic of Congo is a central African country bordered by Central African Republic, Cameroon to the north, Democratic Republic of Congo to the east, and Gabon to the west. The land area is 342,000 sq km. The capital is Brazzaville. French is the official language.


The population is 4,125,916, with a life expectancy of 54.54 years. The population is 48% Kongo, 20% Sangha, 12% M'Bochi, 17% Teke, 3% Europeans and other.  The Republic of Congo is 50% Christian, 48% traditional, and 2% Muslim. 89.6% of males and  78.4% of females can read.


Congo received independence in 1960. Fulbert Youlou became president. In August 1963, Youlou was overthrown in a 3-day popular uprising (Les Trois Glorieuses). He was replaced by Massamba-Debat as president. In 1968, Captain Marien Ngouabi initiated a military coup. Ngouabi remained president till 1977, when he was assasinated. General Joachim Yhomby-Opango took over as president. He was removed in 1979, by the Central Committee of the PCT. Denis Sassou-Nguesso  became president.

By 1992, Republic of Congo became a multiparty state. Elections were held in 1993, which was disputed touching off violent unrest. In 1994, a board of international arbitrator voted the election fair, which all parties agreed accept the decision. In 1997, election was held. The election was disputed touching off conflict and civil disruption between parties loyal to Lissouba and Sassou-Nguesso. Sassou-Nguesso was deemed winner. The country was hurled into civil war till 1999, when the government made agreements with individual factions. Between 2000-2001, peaceful talks were held. The government demanded that peaceful co-existence persist.  Lissouba and Kolelas refuse this demand and were exiled. A new constitution was voted by the electorate and election was held in 2002. Sassou-Nguesso was elected president.


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