Saramaccan Creole

Saramaccan Creole is a Portuguese or English based creole spoken by the Saramaccan maroons, descendants of runaway slaves in Suriname. The tongue is also spoken in French Guiana. Saramaccan is spoken along Saramacca and upper Suriname rivers. The population of Saramaccan speakers are estimated at 26,000.

The language is related to Aukan and Sranan Tongo. Fifty percent of its lexicon is based on English. 

During the 1660s-1770s, Portuguese speaking Jews fled Brazil and establish plantation along the Saramaka River. They were isolated from the English and Dutch communities. During 1685 and later 1712, large groups of slaves escaped these plantation and formed maroon societies giving birth to Saramaccan.

Saramaccan has a simple grammar and possesses tones.

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