Parts of a Solar/Wind Energy System

In an off grid power systems, several components exist. They are as follows:
  1. Power Source (wind/solar)
  2. Charge Controller
  3. Battery Banks
  4. Inverter

The power source can be either wind or solar. Power can come from solar panels or wind turbines. Solar in the tropical zone is almost abundant 365 days a year.

From the power source a cable is run to the Charge Controller. The Charge Controller regulates the charging of the Batteries. It prevents the batteries from being overcharge or undercharge.

From the Charge Controller a cable is run to the Battery Banks. The batteries are deep charge batteries. They can be damaged by being over-charged and under-charge. The Charge Controller prevents the latter.

Next connected to the Battery Banks is the Inverter. The Inverter converts the DC current into an AC current, so it can be utilize by regular appliances.

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