Shona Pantheon (Gods)

Shona Pantheon is the gods of the Shona people. Mwari is the supreme God of the Shona people. He is sometimes referred to as Dzivaguru or the Great Pool. Mwari created Musikavanhu the first man. The creatures of the earth was created from the dreams of Musikavanhu. Living things can't communicate with Mwari directly. Only the ancestor chiefs of the Shona called mudzimu has that ability to communicate with Mwari and only the living chief can communicate with past ancestor chiefs, who can communicate to Mwari to bring rains and good harvest. 

Gods Description
Mwari Supreme God
Dzivaguru another name for Mwari 
Musikavanhu First man created by Mwari, whose visions created creatures on earth 
mudzimu Chief ancestor spirits, who can communicate with Mwari 

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