Siete Partidas (Seven Part Code)

Siete Partidas was Spanish law, sanctioned by King Charles I. Charles I requested from jurist of his Kingdom to universalize all laws. Laws in Spain were based on Roman Laws. The Siete Partidas came mainly from Justinian's Corpus Juris Civilis. It acknowledge the critical importance of slavery to Spanish society. The laws governed the treatment and behavior of slaves in Spanish society and territory, with slight adjustment. The law divided men into freemen, slaves, and freedmen. It defined three types of slaves: prisoners of war, free men who gave up their freedom for servitude, and children of slaves. It gave slaves rights such as the right to own property with consent of owner, master's could not kill or mistreat slaves to the point of unbearable suffering. The slave could marry without the consent of the master. Adjustments to the Siete Partidas were made via cedulas and local provincial ordinances.

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