Skepi Dutch Creole

Skepi Dutch Creole is an extinct Dutch based creole spoken in the Essequibo region of english Guyana. The language completely died out in 1998. The creole is not intelligible with Berbice Dutch Creole. Its lexicon has a  52% similiarity with Berbice Dutch Creole. Skepi Dutch creole seems to be more closely related to Negerhollands than to Berbice. Skepi has a greater Dutch lexicon than Berbice. It has very few african lexicon derivative. The Amerindian lexicon contribution is minimal. 

After 1625, the Dutch established permanent settlements along the Essequibo River. The English took over Guyana in 1814, and in 1830, made Essequibo one of three provinces in Guyana. Very little documented text exist on Skepi prior to English settlements, making the study of the language difficult. 

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