Sources of Inexpensive, Free Computers, PC, Laptops

Getting a free or inexpensive computer is not that difficult. This article is an attempt to create a list of international organizations that donate computers and laptops.

Developing Countries

If one is in a "developing country", recycle organizations donate computers every year to non-profits, NGOs, churches, schools. It's all a matter of applying, and one just pay a small fee typically to cover shipment and cost of the donating organization. One Laptop Per Child(OLPC) only works in collaboration with government agencies.

Developed Countries

In "developed countries", if one is low income or a non-profit, one can get a free computer or laptop. Sometimes by volunteering, for a fixed number of hours, at a recycle computer center, one can get a free computer.

Pros and Cons

The cons are one must typically be a non-profit organization(ex. school, church, NGOs) to receive computers or laptops. Donated computers are not the latest and greatest. In some cases like One Laptop Per Child one has to be a government agency. OLPC only distribute its special laptop with collaboraton from government agencies.

The pros are the computers can get the job done. One does not need the latest or greatest to get the job done. From my experience, in developed countries, a $60 computer and even less can get the job done. The internet is ladden with so much freeware (free software). Now with a broadband connection, in the Google cloud one can get all the necessary software, for free use.

Sources and Organizations

 Organizaton  Requirement
 One Laptop Per Child(OLPC)
 Government agency
 Computer Aid International
 Non-profit organization  Non-profit/schools
 Free Geek
 World Computer Exchange
 Non-profit,  schools, government  Non-profit
 Computer With Causes
 Open, USA base